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Total Security Group, Inc., is one of Chicagoland's leading choice for professional physical security services.  Our professional, experienced, and reliable security officers are fully prepared to address the on-site security concerns of any type of business, property, or facility in today's challenging risks. Whether you manage a corporation, gated community, residential building, or industrial center, you can rely on Total Security Group, Inc., to develop the most cost-effective solution to address your specific security needs.


​The founders at TSG, are derived from current and former law enforcement command professionals that possess a devoted passion for professional-grade private security services. We wish not to be mirrored nor marginalized by the notion of an ill-represented "Security Guard “service company based upon the old proverbial thought process of poorly trained and ill-informed personnel---we are much more than that. The principles of TSG have a combined 72-year experience level in every aspect of protection, investigations, physical security, police sciences, and over-all safety. 


In the infancy stages of our business model and union, our team pledged to never compromise our laurels in service by offering substandard and profit-driven security services. We take protection seriously and believe that our clients should to, based upon the current climate of today’s threats and risk exposures.

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Total Securty Group, Inc., is not to be confused with the typical reactionary low-cost service provider that just affords a “fill-in guard.” We honestly believe that some businesses and corporate entities may not be a suitable nor mutually beneficial business relationship with us do to a conflict in the beliefs of service. We understand that professional security relationships need not be ostracized due to false expectations of cost-controlled mindfulness, therefore, if you are serious about protecting life and property, then so are we.


In order to determine what type of security officer services will best benefit your circumstances, a member of our management team will perform an on-site consultation, where we can assess your location and gain a complete understanding of your security goals and unique vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we will customize your security plan and develop clear expectations for guard selection, appearance, placement, and duties.


Once a security plan is agreed upon, we will select the security guard(s) based upon how well they match your requirements. We then train them on the specifics of their post-order duties. To ensure that our guards are continuously meeting all expectations, our management team supervises them in real-time and performs regular on-site checks. They also use the GeoFence App and Detex technology to verify that our officers are at their posts and performing all required patrols.


Physical security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment, and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm (such as espionage, theft, or terrorist attacks). Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols, and many other techniques.

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