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With today’s threats and the availability of personal information, securing your residence is more important than ever.  Security is often a major concern while you are at work. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked while we are most vulnerable, at home. Your estate could be seen as a soft target and be defenseless to those that wish to do you and your family harm.

Total Security Group (TSG) believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your security. This is why we offer several options in order to provide you with the appropriate Estate Security solution.


Home Burglary Facts

24-Hour 7 Days a Week Residence Executive Security Teams

Our professionally trained security agents provide discrete security services.  Our aim is to provide a small footprint while still maintaining constant security and the ability to respond to emergencies.  The benefits of selecting TSG to provide Residence Security include; 

  • All security agents have detailed background checks.

  • All agents are trained in Executive Protection Protocols and have the skill set needed to provide mobile security if and when needed.

  • Rapid response in emergency situations

  • Ability to provide advanced first aid

  • Capability to professionally interact with Residence Managers and Visitors


We utilize guard tracking technology which has the capabilities to;

  • Track the agent’s movement and alerts of inactivity

  • Create a Geo-Fence that sends alerts when agents enter or exit the property or premises.

  • Capture time and attendance of all agents

  • GPS identifies the officer’s presence and location in real-time

  • Document all tasks such as perimeter checks in real-time

  • Document special instruction is given to agents and requires all agent’s acknowledgments

  • Provides online, real-time oversite by managers and the client

  • Log all security agent activity which can be viewed in real-time, historical report format and printed out if needed

  • Instant real-time communication capability to respond to all situations.


What is your life worth? What is the life of your family worth?


Kidnapping activities have led to corporate espionage, blackmail, ransom demands, access to secure facilities, and harm (including death). We have worked with numerous High Net Worth individuals and have created many cost-effective security solutions. These solutions currently continue to provide a safe location for family, staff members and visitors.  Our background and experience enable us to provide excellent customer service, attention to detail and most importantly your peace of mind.

TSG offers additional services such as;

  • Complete Estate Risk and Vulernabitly Assessments

  • Recommendations on cost-effective security protocols including:

  • Strategic Lighting Design

  • Landscaping Design

  • Perimeter Barriers

  • Gates and Access Control Points

  • CCTV and Motion Sensors

  • Project Management of the implementation of security protocols

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