The need for serious security services should not be marginalized nor dismissed as an inconvenient thought process, based upon the “probability and unlikelihood of bad events happening.“  Can one place a bet on today’s adulterated and modern plausible  threat exposure? Security and its moderate expense is a necessary evil in today’s unforeseen budget itinerary. After-all, non-life threatening subjective celebratory events still take place like picnics, Christmas parties, and golf events—right? Perhaps it’s time to set another “fiscal plate” at the corporate table of protection and allow the risk mitigation factor to be enacted.


Whether at home or abroad, TSG, helps clients protect their physical, financial and human assets. TSG provides individualized expertise and services to solve any issue that may be a threat to a client’s security. "We are professional, attentive and not over-zealous. We offer our services in a discreet non-obtrusive manner without incident.  We blend into the background of our client's lifestyle while monitoring their safety without introduction or interference.  We are and remain at your service.


​The United States faces a new unconventional enemy that is well organized, funded, armed, and growing at a pace faster than our ability to oppose a cadre of highly trained personnel. Traditional protection teams’ operating procedures can inadvertently risk the catastrophic loss of life to their principles, assets, and trade secrets due to their high profiles, lack of precision training in various modes of firepower, including surveillance detection, and high threat protective operations tradecraft, 


Today’s enemy is familiar with these longtime tactics, techniques, and procedures, and is readily trained to defeat the current protective detail protocols. TSG has developed a low profile, highly trained protective teams uniquely tailored for specific operating environments that our enemies will not anticipate compared to current traditional mobile elements. Our innovative security team protocols can provide customers with a low profile that blends into the surrounding environment without disguises.


This facilitates movement into high-risk areas utilizing vehicles, personnel, and assets common to the local area of operations.  We have the expertise to train mobile elements that can provide higher levels of protection, through discretion, and specially tailored training to out-maneuver, avoid, and exceed today’s threats, though more agile security profiles and protective operations, that emphasize tradecraft and surveillance detection that provide solutions to identify and mitigate current and future enemies.

Our security teams are highly vetted for a specific skillset including precision marksmanship, reconnaissance and surveillance, clandestine tradecraft, urban survival instruction, and communications. TSG's protective services division is not to be confused with "part-time" security officers or poorly trained "security guards." All of our employees and subcontracted affiliates are seasoned, screened and experienced.   "Close enough to protect---without being introduced." Peace of mind for your family, business and hard-earned assets. TSG provides tailored programs for executives, families, and individuals at home or while traveling. Assessments of risk and exposure levels determine the scope and nature of protection. 

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