Our security officers are well qualified to perform a wide range of duties that help to discourage theft, vandalism, loitering, and other criminal or unwanted activity. Each guard has been hand-selected by our management team that has nearly 70 years of collective experience in the industry. We will only hire guards with proven experience, strong communication skills, and a personable demeanor. Additionally, each of our guards must pass criminal and civil background checks and hold an active Permanent Employee Registration Card issued by the Illinois Dept. of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPRS).


In order to earn their PERC Guard Card, our guards had to complete a minimum of 20 hours of training and an in-house training module of 20 hours additional training on public relations, laws, self-defense, report writing, and life-saving skills. In order to have their Card active, they must also complete additional training annually. These training sessions also include the power to arrest, terrorism and WMD awareness, observe and report, patrol, communications, public relations, fire watch, and more.

Professional security is not easy to come across. There is a reason that stereotypes exist for security guards. The best private security companies always put the clients’ needs first, after the safety of the public and employees of course. Professionalism is about exceptional service. Elite service stems from excellent management through strong leadership. It starts at the top. Professional security officers will follow their professional leaders. Here are five key factors to ensuring that the best professional security services are being provided.


Safety First


Not one factor is more important than physical safety. Safety always takes the highest precedence. The safety of security officers, employees, and the public always supersede. For example, if a client suggests a security strategy that jeopardizes the physical safety of a security officer or the public, then a professional security company may seek alternatives. The best private security companies understand the importance of safety and can offer superior strategies to maximize the safety of all.


Clients’ Needs

Professional security companies will almost always be able to accommodate clients’ needs. Each client has different security needs and questions. Every situation is different. The best private security firms will take the time to listen to all needs before strategizing a safety and security plan. Occasionally, clients may require services that jeopardize the safety of others. In these situations, the most professional security companies will offer alternatives. If an agreement cannot be met, private security companies may walk away.



When an organization decides to utilize the services of a private security guard company, it is vital that the two parties communicate effectively. The communication process should begin long before the contract is signed, and it should be maintained throughout the partnership. Whether it is in-person, on the phone, through email, or a combination of strategies, a system of communication is required for professional security services. All involved employees need to be aware of the communication strategies in place in order to ensure future safety and security.


Leading by Example

Supervisors and management staff of the most professional security firms give 100% effort for all clients. For example, if a security officer is sick and calls out the last minute, supervisors can quickly make contact with an officer ready to work the shift. Supervisors may even choose to go above and beyond to cover for their fellow officers, which is truly a professional characteristic.



Completeness of overall service speaks volumes about a company’s professionalism. In private security, this can be seen through incident reports and communication. Reports should be well written, detailed, and organized. Communication should be swift, clear, and complete. There should always be a follow-up after incidents and other situations have resolved. Feedback is important to improving the professionalism of future services. The best private security companies will provide thorough services that cover all aspects of great customer service.




We were founded based on providing Executive Protection that is modeled after the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services and Secret Service Dignitary security protocols. WE ARE NOT BODYGUARDS.

We follow the general rule:

Close enough to protect, far enough away not to be introduced. – Henry Kissinger


Our teams specialize in providing protection services for clients that are Fortune 500 executives, foreign diplomats, high net-worth individuals and family members that require professional personal protection.


Our mission is to protect individuals and groups from:

  • Harm

  • Embarrassment

  • Exposure to monetary and legal liability


Our risk management solution services include prevention and protection, while also providing the added value of specialized customer service, regardless of how large or small security detail.

We have decades of specific training and real-world experience required to understand exactly what our clients and their families need; total protection from targeted threats in a low-profile manner that does not draw increased and unwanted attention. By focusing on our core strengths, we are able to provide our clients with an unmatched level of protection, expert advice and the highest quality of service.

TSG believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your security. This is why we also offer several options in order to provide you with the appropriate Estate Executive Security solutions.  

  • Why is Executive/Personal Protection So Important?

  • What is your life worth? What is the life of your family worth?


At any time, the threat of kidnap by criminals or terrorist groups should be a real concern. Kidnapping activities may lead to corporate espionage, ransom demands, access to secure facilities, corporate image damage, loss of confidence, and harm (including potential death).

Kidnapping is not just a concern for the individual, it is also a concern for their family members. If a family member of an employee is kidnapped, that employee becomes an instrument, and they are then subject to various demands under threat.

In a recent review conducted by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), security teams have evolved and become a critical piece of the corporate business strategy. “In today’s business climate, it has become a truism that most companies are pushing for maximum shareholder value and thus, maximum productivity from their CEO. As a result, an executive protection service that facilitates smooth and safe travel and public appearances so that the executive has sufficient time to capitalize on new market opportunities and business deals is valuable in and of itself.”




Whether at home or abroad, TSG, helps clients protect their physical, financial and human assets. TSG provides individualized expertise and services to solve any issue that may be a threat to a client’s security. "We are professional, attentive and not over-zealous. We offer our services in a discreet non-obtrusive manner without incident.  We blend into the background of our client's lifestyle while monitoring their safety without introduction or interference.  We are and remain at your service.

The United States faces a new unconventional enemy that is well organized, funded, armed, and growing at a pace faster than our ability to oppose a cadre of highly trained personnel. Traditional protection teams’ operating procedures can inadvertently risk the catastrophic loss of life to their principles, assets, and trade secrets due to their high profiles, lack of precision training in various modes of firepower, including surveillance detection, and high threat protective operations tradecraft. 


Today’s enemy is familiar with these longtime tactics, techniques, and procedures, and is readily trained to defeat the current protective detail protocols. TSG has developed a low profile, highly trained protective teams uniquely tailored for specific operating environments that our enemies will not anticipate compared to current traditional mobile elements. Our innovative security team protocols can provide customers with a low profile that blends into the surrounding environment without disguises.


This facilitates movement into high-risk areas utilizing vehicles, personnel, and assets common to the local area of operations.  We have the expertise to train mobile elements that can provide higher levels of protection, through discretion, and specially tailored training to out-maneuver, avoid, and exceed today’s threats, though more agile security profiles and protective operations, that emphasize tradecraft and surveillance detection that provide solutions to identify and mitigate current and future enemies.

Our security teams are highly vetted for a specific skillset including precision marksmanship, reconnaissance and surveillance, clandestine tradecraft, urban survival instruction, and communications. TSG's protective services division is not to be confused with "part-time" security officers or poorly trained "security guards." All of our employees and subcontracted affiliates are seasoned, screened and experienced.   "Close enough to protect---without being introduced." Peace of mind for your family, business and hard-earned assets. TSG provides tailored programs for executives, families, and individuals at home or while traveling. Assessments of risk and exposure levels determine the scope and nature of protection. 




TSG specializes in providing security solutions for legal marijuana operations at every stage, from grow to distribution. Our specially trained officers and management teams meet the challenges and complexities of the industry while providing a safe and secure environment.

The armed and unarmed security officers at TSG are specifically selected and trained to secure medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to regulatory compliance, our security personnel offers a level of expertise that untrained retail employees cannot provide. USA Special Services allows employers to protect their physical assets, employees, and customers while decreasing liability for their business. Grows can be a vulnerable phase of your business operations. Theft and vandalism can destroy an entire crop, sidelining your supply chain. Our specially trained officers and management team will develop a site-specific security plan to secure your grow and ensure your investment is protected.




With today’s threats and the availability of personal information, securing your residence is more important than ever.  Security is often a major concern while you are at work. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked while we are most vulnerable, at home. Your estate could be seen as a soft target and be defenseless to those that wish to do you and your family harm.

Total Security Group (TSG) believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your security. This is why we offer several options in order to provide you with the appropriate Estate Security solution.


Home Burglary Facts

24-Hour 7 Days a Week Residence Executive Security Teams

Our professionally trained security agents provide discrete security services.  Our aim is to provide a small footprint while still maintaining constant security and the ability to respond to emergencies.  The benefits of selecting TSG to provide Residence Security include; 

  • All security agents have detailed background checks.

  • All agents are trained in Executive Protection Protocols and have the skill set needed to provide mobile security if and when needed.

  • Rapid response in emergency situations

  • Ability to provide advanced first aid

  • Capability to professionally interact with Residence Managers and Visitors


We utilize guard tracking technology which has the capabilities to;

  • Track the agent’s movement and alerts of inactivity

  • Create a Geo-Fence that sends alerts when agents enter or exit the property or premises.

  • Capture time and attendance of all agents

  • GPS identifies the officer’s presence and location in real-time

  • Document all tasks such as perimeter checks in real-time

  • Document special instruction is given to agents and requires all agent’s acknowledgments

  • Provides online, real-time oversite by managers and the client

  • Log all security agent activity which can be viewed in real-time, historical report format and printed out if needed

  • Instant real-time communication capability to respond to all situations.


What is your life worth? What is the life of your family worth?


Kidnapping activities have led to corporate espionage, blackmail, ransom demands, access to secure facilities, and harm (including death). We have worked with numerous High Net Worth individuals and have created many cost effective security solutions. These solutions currently continue to provide a safe location for family, staff members and visitors.  Our background and experience enables us to provide excellent customer service, attention to detail and most importantly your peace of mind.

TSG offers additional services such as;

  • Complete Estate Risk and Vulernabitly Assessments

  • Recommendations on cost effective security protocols including:

  • Strategic Lighting Design

  • Landscaping Design

  • Perimeter Barriers

  • Gates and Access Control Points

  • CCTV and Motion Sensors

  • Project Management of the implementation of security protocols




In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, accurate and timely information is imperative. We at TSG conduct thorough investigations of pre-employment applicants and, when necessary, personnel within the corporate structure. We specialize in conducting investigations of a sensitive internal nature. 

The problems faced by businesses and corporations are unique and we understand the solutions must be as well. We view business/corporate issues as “problems” as opposed to crimes. It has been our experience that businesses and Corporations do not view their employees as criminals. Criminals are outsiders. It closely resembles the way family members view one another. In fact, many business owners look upon their employees as if they were part of an extended family. For business Investigations, we keep the integrity of the employee/owner relationship at the forefront of our minds when deciding how to proceed.


Equally, if the client wishes to pursue prosecution of the guilty parties for their unethical behavior, we are highly qualified and prepared to switch gears to a criminal investigation to make that happen as well.


We will work closely with the legal counsel and human resources staff of the business/corporation. Initially, our goal will be to identify and define the problem. Often, the issue is exactly what the client suspected. Other times, the tentacles of deceit and deception reach much deeper and further than previously thought. A thorough business Investigation by a highly trained and qualified Corporate Investigator can ferret out the root cause.


Interviews, interrogations, surveillance, information sources, and/or undercover investigators can all be employed to solve the problem. Computer forensics, forensic accounting, covert videography, electronically enhanced polygraphs, and other cutting edge technology can also be utilized by our investigative division.


Please call us to discuss your individual situation, business investigation needs, or specific concern with one of our highly skilled investigative specialists.  


Pre-employment Investigations / Personnel Security Investigations


Pre–Employment screening is critical if you want to hire productive, qualified, honest employees with high morale and reduced tardiness/absenteeism. Choosing the right employees for key positions could literally mean the success or failure of your company. Furthermore, pre-employment screening, often heads off future cases of employee theft or fraud, saving you and your business thousands of dollars. Whether you need a simple verification of the honesty of an application for an Associate position, or in-depth employment investigations of a prospective new CEO, the value of quality information about job candidates cannot be overstated. Through our discreet screening process, we may not be able to help you find the “right” person for your job, but we certainly are able to help you in avoiding the “wrong” one.


Employee theft and fraud / Loss Prevention


Do you have inventory losses you cannot account for? Do you suspect theft in some areas of your company? Could the actions of just a few be negatively impacting your profitability?

Losses due to employee dishonesty and theft are problematic, expensive, and embarrassing. Certain types of employee dishonesty can threaten your company’s reputation and integrity, which is often the case with the theft of data or personal customer information. Our Loss Prevention Investigation services use surveillance and structure infiltration (including undercover research), as well as “Secret Shopping” to assess, identify, and document points of loss that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to draw out.

“Businesses employing less than 100 persons” were the MOST vulnerable to FRAUD and ABUSE “by employees” (ACFE). “Among the victims of Employee Fraud, Smaller Businesses had a median LOSS of $120,000 per occurrence.” (ACFE)  In cases such as these, a Loss Prevention program could have proved critical to protecting company profits.

Our Corporate Investigation services include:

  • Workers Compensation Investigations

  • Warehouse Investigations

  • Undercover Operatives Investigations

  • Surveillance of employees suspected of abusing the “Family Leave Act”

  • Fake Claims of Injury

  • Employee Theft Investigations

  • Embezzlement

  • Missing Inventory

  • Loss Prevention Investigations

  • Money Laundering Investigations

  • Cargo Tracking

  • Employee Threats

  • Hidden Bank Accounts

  • Falsification of Records

  • Internal Theft of Intellectual Property

  • Business Investigation

  • Workman’s Compensation/Fake Injury Claims

Do you suspect that some of your employees on disability claims are not really injured or disabled?

Each year, worker’s compensation claims total close to 3.5 BILLION dollars. False injury claims cost corporations thousands of dollars, and hundreds of valuable man-hours in a filing, documenting and check payout processing. With expert surveillance, key witness testimony and captured video, a Corporate Investigator at Special Solutions, Ltd.,  can reduce your organization’s losses due to invalid, overstated, or fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.


Corporate Research / Business Background Searches /Corporate Security Investigations


In life and in business you do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. At Special Solutions, Ltd., , we understand the power of having the right information at the right time. We can provide you with the data and histories of other companies that could be the leverage you need to succeed. Often times in business it is not necessarily the better party but the better PREPARED party that wins. We want to help you be on the winning team. We are due diligent in our searches. All requests can be done via email or fax. There is no need to meet a Corporate Investigator.

Our services include:

  • Due Diligence / Financial / Hidden Asset

  • Business Histories and Data Reports

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Account Identification


Employee Productivity Investigations


Are your employees less productive than you think they should be? Does it feel like you never seem to get done what you need to get done on time? Is your workforce unwilling to comply with your corporate policies? Do you feel you have inadequate or ineffective supervision of your employees, especially at night?

We understand the importance of keeping an eye on employees these days. It is natural for employees to be social and a user-friendly work environment can boost morale and keep productivity high, but gross misuse of paid employee time can cost a company a bundle in lost revenue, missed deadlines and additional unnecessary salaries. Are you paying two people to do one person’s job? Our Investigative Services can help you find out.


Our services include:

  • Surveillance of field employees

  • Short term Undercover Infiltration Operations

  • Electronic Round the Clock Surveillance

  • Secret Shopping

  • Employee Tracking


Is employee misconduct eating away at your profits?

Are your employees where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing? This is a question that can make or break a business. Businesses can be hemorrhaging dollars on frivolous misuses of their vehicles and disregard of the company clock. Is it a harmless errand on the rare occasion or a recurring abuse of company time and gas?

If your employees are using company time to attend to personal obligations, putting unauthorized wear and tear on the company vehicle or elongating their appointments past the allotted time, a GPS tracker may be the solution.


Stop wasting money

GPS vehicle tracking can be used in conjunction with a traditional Licensed Private Investigator Surveillance Investigation or Undercover Operation. If the data collected reflects the unauthorized use of a company vehicle, a surveillance investigator can gather additional evidence against the employee.

Whether your business involves mobile service vehicles, delivery vans, or shipping, Employee Tracking Investigative Services is an excellent fleet management/monitoring tool.

Whether your business involves mobile service vehicles, delivery vans, or shipping, this is an excellent fleet management/monitoring tool.




What started out a few years ago as a phenomenon that used social networking sites to gather a group of people in a public place to dance or perform another innocent form of entertainment has since evolved into a method of gathering together violent protesters—or thieves in pursuit of your merchandise.

Only a few months ago, in Center City Philadelphia, a teenage flash mob comprised of more than a hundred individuals reportedly took over the district after leaving a nightclub. Police had to investigate a string of assaults and robberies in connection with the incident.

Retailers need to recognize the existence of the flash mob robbery phenomenon and form alliances and strategies to deal with these episodes. There needs to be a “solution reaction” developed and shared among retailers. With groups of 30 to 60 people, ranging in ages, entering stores with the intent to steal large amounts of retail property, the solution has to be quick, formidable, and absolute. Solutions may entail identifying a group leader or methods of actually detaining one or more of the mob participants. Without a collective strategy, these flash mobs could overrun our stores.


Safety in Numbers

First, we need to understand the reason the flash mob is entering the store. Regardless of the sociology of these groups, be they thrill-seeking teenagers or violence-prone gangbangers, the fact is they are entering your store to steal merchandise. The merchandise is being taken for personal use or sold to make money. The bottom line for retailers is lost merchandise and the possible threat of injury to customers and associates.

The fear ratio among the flash mob is little to zero because they understand there is power in numbers. That will win over the fear of reprisal or punishment every time. These groups understand that the retailer will likely do little to stop these crimes. After all, retailers have limited responses. They may call the police, who will likely arrive long after the episode is over, or they may try to take some of the stolen property from mob members while they are on the way out of the store. The latter is less likely, as most retailers forbid their staff, for good cause, from any type of confrontation with thieves.

The flash mob has the advantage in these thefts because there are few things that can be done to stop them. Theft and larceny state laws are weak and often ineffective unless pressure is put on those who enforce these laws. That rarely happens. The mob knows that if they take the merchandise and run away, there will be little that can be done because of the size of the group.

Consider this example: A 30-person flash mob enters a store, takes the desired merchandise, and begins to leave the store. In a best-case scenario, a police officer is nearby or actually working in the store. He gives orders to “FREEZE!” Yet all the mob members continue to exit the store with the stolen property. That officer may be able to physically stop one or two of these thieves. That means that the other 28 thieves leave the store with hundreds or thousands of dollars in stolen property. They still have not committed any crime other than theft (in most states). There would not be any further charges, such as escape, resisting arrest, or evading arrest, because it would be the state’s responsibility to prove that the person heard the officer or knew that the officer was talking directly to them. All that law enforcement has is theft, and it is most probably a minor or misdemeanor theft because the felony levels throughout the county have risen over the past few years.

Possible Solutions

Retailers have to be proactive and create a deterrence to these flash mob robberies. If these mobs can figure out ways to steal property from us, retailers can certainly figure out ways to stop them. Enacting legislation aimed at organized retail crime is a long and difficult road. Even if flash mob robbery legislation were on the books today, you would still have to find someone to enforce that legislation.

Retailers’ best bet is to develop a series of solution reactions. Unless mobs have fear of reprisal, they will continue to hit retailers. The following are some suggestions to consider.

  • Create retail and law enforcement flash mob robbery prevention coalitions to brainstorm and develop prevention and reaction strategies.

  • Develop training for both retailers and law enforcement on how to deal with these episodes.

  • Consider ways for store personnel to intervene at the beginning of the episode–not physically, but verbally, vocally, and visually.

  • Develop ways for remote monitoring facilities to alert law enforcement dispatch facilities or mall security.

  • Create an alarm or alert system to identify potential flash mobs in certain areas, such as malls.

  • Create a system identifying these groups with the information shared among retailers.

  • Research present laws that can be enforced when these episodes occur.

  • Lobby for new legislation that brings serious penalties to those involved in flash mob robberies.

  • Get federal, state, and local involvement to monitor the sites where flash mob robbery information is shared.

  • Through interviews of those arrested, identify the leaders and their methods of operating.


Organized Retail Crime

There is a good possibility that those who are already fencing stolen goods are going to participate in these crimes if they are not already. It is also obvious that criminal street gangs will likely use these same tactics as a cover to acquire large amounts of expensive retail property. That means that flash mobs may become another tactic for an organized retail crime.

Violence is always a potential issue when criminal and neighborhood gangs are involved. For the most part, retailers will not be able to recognize the difference between violence-prone gangs and misguided teenagers acting as flash mobs. Therein lies a real threat, if retailers try to stop someone involved in one of these episodes.

Fences, on the other hand, face little chance of being identified with these flash mob robberies because there is no physical participation at the scene of the theft by the fence. The fence waits until the stolen property is brought to him or her and buys it for about 25 percent of the retail value. It will be hard to prove that the fence encouraged the group to commit the crime because a smart fence will only discuss the value of the property, not how the seller acquired it. So the established stolen property fence should have no problem building their illegal business with the rise in flash-mob thefts at retail stores.

The primary responsibility for preventing flash mobs from committing thefts in the stores lies with the retailer. How merchandise is displayed and controlled is at issue. The number of employees and their positions within the store is vital to preventing these groups from gaining control of high-end merchandise. Retailers are quick to point the finger at the thieves, but some of the blame can be traced back to the retailer. They should have good security video systems in place, experienced, trained associates on the floor, high-end merchandise secured, and loss prevention personnel trained and involved.

Retailers and Store Personnel

Retailers should establish a coalition to deal with identifying these types of organized retail crimes when they start occurring in different areas of the country. Information on incidents involving flash mobs should be discussed and training established within the retail community. Again, retailers cannot wait for law enforcement to do something about flash mobs, because it will be too late.

Following are a few suggestions for store-level personnel:

• Call the police as soon as it is recognized as a possible flash mob robbery event.
• Get descriptions of those involved.
• Secure any video of the incident.
• Identify possible leaders, including those giving orders, vocalizing on what to steal, pointing where to go, etc.
• Get any vehicle descriptions possible.
• Monitor and identify how much and what type of product is stolen.
• If appropriate, notify shopping mall security.
• Share information with other retailers.
• Protect any physical evidence left by the flash mob.


Law Enforcement

There is little law enforcement can do about flash mobs until they are involved in a crime. Simply organizing a flash mob is not against the law—yet. Once the flash mob engages in the actions to commit a crime, law enforcement can take action, but until then they are powerless. There needs to be some preventive measures and intelligence-building initiated within the law enforcement community dealing with these types of crimes. Coalitions need to be established and information shared among those responsible for preventing these thefts.

When violence is involved, of course, law enforcement takes quick action. However, crimes that don’t involve violence are usually treated as “simple theft” and put on the back burner. With our prisons full and the costs of keeping felons locked up a growing burden to the state, flash mobs can grow in frequency until someone is seriously injured. Even then, only that incident will be identified as a serious issue.




Physical security technology includes a combination of intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance working in concert to deter, detect, respond, and analyze breaches to the protected perimeter of the internal spaces of a facility. A comprehensive protection process begins with the identification of the assets to be protected, and the definition of threats to each asset against which to defend. It also includes an assessment of the current state of protection, and finally, the design of new or additional means of protection.


Therefore, before the design process begins for any physical security system, the designers at TSG conduct a vulnerability assessment, based on the practices taught at Gordon Tech Labs, to define the types of threats against which the system should be protected, as well as the level of protection likely to be required. As part of TSG's comprehensive approach to physical security system design, our consultants will draw the client’s attention to how the system will be monitored and how the organization will respond to different types of alerts that the system may provide.


When developing this “Concept of Operations” it is important to identify the organizations that will be involved with maintaining the physical security of the facility, define the roles and responsibilities of each organization, and outline the response protocols for different types of events. This business process engineering step is critical to the overall success of a physical security system installation and is often overlooked by consultants who only provide technology design services. Once the threats to be protected against are identified and the organization has an idea of how they intend to operate the system, TSG works with the client to select, design, and deploy the most appropriate technology to meet their requirements, including the design, selection, and implementation of the appropriate cameras (both fixed and pan-tilt-zoom), card readers, motion detection devices, monitoring systems, door contacts, as well as the design of the area(s) where systems will be monitored and data will be stored.


As with many of today’s information technology (IT) systems, physical security systems are fast becoming integrated into the overall structured cabling system and the data network in the facility. Like many other data devices, cameras, card readers, etc. are now Internet Protocol (IP) enabled. Our many years of experience in designing infrastructure and network transport systems allow us to understand and embrace this migration and gives us an edge over those that have simply been designing traditional standalone security systems. This approach to design, along with the experience and technical knowledge of our designers and consultants, allows TSG to produce physical security systems designs that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. 




The frequency and magnitude of data breaches are increasing. Boards of directors and executive management, in addition to IT departments, are more focused on better management and protection of IT systems and data than ever before. Increasingly, data security and privacy management are becoming a major issue for IT departments.

However, a “check the box” approach to compliance will not protect a company’s reputation. Proactive measures and policies do. An approach that focuses on three core concepts -  identifying and securing a company’s most valuable assets, continuous monitoring, and structured, fast response to a breach - provide the clarity to move forward confidently.

Leveraging industry best practices, TSG provides expert-level data security and privacy management solutions to FORTUNE 1000® and FORTUNE Global 500® companies in more than 20 countries. Protiviti’s risk-based approach is comprehensive and focuses on creating a secure environment first. Our privacy management professionals will work with you to face the future with confidence.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created to provide individuals with greater control over how organizations collect, store, transfer and use their personal data. It impacts both companies that conduct business in the European Union and businesses that maintain and process European Union personal data.


How TSG Can Help

Protiviti assists organizations in achieving clarity and compliance around privacy risk governance programs, including the GDPR and the Illinois Consumer Privacy Act, and other similar regulations. We help companies understand the impacts of regulatory requirements, assess and remediate processes and technologies, and implement changes to achieve and maintain compliance. Our approach to compliance includes: 

  • Identify high-risk areas to ensure a focused approach

  • Determine exposure and prioritize compliance activities

  • Implement changes to achieve compliance 

  • Provide evidence of accountability and compliance 




Post 9-11, companies and individuals are more sensitive and aware of the direct exposure to threats or breaches in security. TSG’s diverse staff of security and investigative experts can help to expose, define, and develop a solution to mitigate these fears. Our solutions, both long and short term, analyze the issues and provide you with cost-effective options. More importantly, our consulting staff will empower you and provide you with the tools necessary to make adjustments as conditions demand. 

We begin by providing an in-depth survey, focusing on any immediate threats or direct exposure to risk. Once carefully vetted, a summary of those conditions and a target solution is offered to reduce or eliminate those concerns.

Integrated can offer you or your company the following services:

  • Vulnerability assessments

  • Compliance review

  • Design life safety and security plans

  • External monitoring

  • Architectural security design & review

  • RFP/RFQ vendor qualification assessment

Our wide area network of professional associates affords Integrated quicker response time and greater access to resources when a problem arises. With trained professionals on the ground, we are prepared to respond to a broad range of security and investigative issues. Often in these situations, there is a “time is of the essence” urgency and what are obstacles for other firms, are well within our operational capacity.

TSG’s executive management team is made up of a cross-section of industry professionals from the military, state and federal law enforcement, transportation, hospitality, and IT. Our consultants possess a broad range of skills and knowledge to investigate, analyze and resolve all your problems. Accessible 24 hours a day, Integrated’s staff can acclimate fast to conditions, assigning resources accordingly. 

Security Consulting Services

Because of the broad range of expertise possessed by our management team and security consultants, we are able to provide an incredibly diverse set of consulting services for you or your business.

Architectural Security Design

The purpose of security architecture design is to bring focus to the key areas of concern of the asset, highlighting the vulnerabilities, potential threats, and countermeasures. When integrated correctly into the architectural design, the security solution will serve as protection and facilitate access control authentication & authorization, detection services, CCTV monitoring, auditing and interrogation forensics.

Compliance Review

Compliance Reviews are a means of assessing the implementation of services and compliance of security programs against industry standards, licensing agency requirements, and local, state and federal laws. These assessments will help determine the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing procedures and can be used to identify areas of weakness for establishing future needs and training.

Design Life Safety and Security Plans

TSG focuses on practical security solutions that meet the most demanding requirements for both commercial and residential properties. Using designs that incorporate the latest access control methods, intrusion detection and electronic monitoring, we uniquely incorporate all security and life safety elements into the design and construction process.

External Monitoring

TSG can provide all levels of independent monitoring, whether self-imposed to establish better quality control and business intelligence, or pursuant to a court order. Investigative services can range from policy, procedural review and audits to covert surveillance.

RFP/RFQ Vendor Qualification Assessment

TSG has expert consultants and the tools needed for evaluating bids and selecting suppliers. We have a team of excellent independent advisors to collaborate with clients in the post-bid review process. Our consultants can interrogate and validate references, identify missing answers, incoherence or other problems.

School Safety Consulting

With an increase in random violence at schools across the country, school administrators, teachers, and parents are all searching for answers. How do you create and maintain an environment in which your students, staff, and parents feel safe and secure and can learn and grow?

Integrated Security is prepared to offer expert advice based on firsthand experience, not textbook procedure. Our goal is to provide your school with the knowledge and tools to implement and manage a level of physical and procedural school security and safety, that will properly address your school’s risks and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments identify, quantify and rank the weakness of your security solution. It not only looks at and isolates a specific object or component within the solution, but seeks out the impact or consequences on other elements of the business environment and how to triage your response.


Vulnerability assessments also identify the possibilities in reducing ancillary consequences and improving the capacity to manage future incidents.