Our Team

John C. Frycek, PPS, LPD, LAC 

John C. Frycek is the President of Total Security Group, Inc., and he has been a seasoned and professional investigative and security business practitioner for over 30 years.  John is an Illinois Licensed Private Detective, an Illinois Illinois Security Alarm contractor, and he is a Certified Personal Protection Specialist.  


John has formulated an attributed and dedicated staff of men and women who mirror nothing but professionalism and true dedication in the field of security and investigations. No matter what the task or risk a government or private entity may have, John offers managed and non-bias resolve with old fashion mouth to ear, handshake to handshake trusted confidential service. 


John has a proven and well-known track record in providing protective, investigative, and risk management solutions for large corporations, governments, and private affluent families nationally.  The is a risk assessment advisor and security protection designer and he continues to travel the United States rendering his services to many large corporate and industrial entities.


Threat assessments, advance protection, specialized surveillance, physical security applications, and complex investigations are the hallmark of his business practice and John's long history of security management has earned him a vast degree of respected admiration amongst his peers, colleagues, and high-level clientele.   

John is certified as a Counter-Intelligence Specialist, a Personal Protection Specialist, and an Active Shooter Trainer.  His universal knowledge in the security field is wide and his in-depth knowledge makes him a self-sustained leader of a "One-Stop" security department educator.  


John's specialties are Corporate Investigations / Risk Management, Executive Protection, Security Management, TSCM Bug Sweeps, Professional Private Investigations, Physical Security Covert/Overt Products, and Professional Installations.  John has a dynamic network of skilled and seasoned security agents worldwide that can render clarity and resolve for any and all complex tribulations or risk management concerns.


"Avoidance and sustained preventative maintenance lessen the

burden of reactive tribulations."  John C. Frycek



John F. Konrad, LSC

Vice President of Operations

John F. Konrad is one of the most trusted and experienced senior experts in command law enforcement and policing in Illinois. Over the last three decades, John has been a strong advocate of constitutional policing and has worked with many police agencies to address issues that impact the legitimacy of police in the eyes of the community. John currently serves in a command position with a major police agency in Illinois and oversees police field operations. During John's career, he also served as the 1st Assistant Executive Director at the Cook County Department of Corrections managing a $225 Million annual budget, with nearly 4000 employees, and a daily inmate population of approximately 9000.  

John also held the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for the Cook County Sheriff where he was accountable directly to the Sheriff of Cook County on all matters concerning the efficient operation of all the Law Enforcement operations within Cook County Sheriff's Police.


John is an Illinois State-Licensed Security Contractor and strategic partner with Total Security Group, Inc.  He brings his proven and strong referenced background in security management and design protection planning and he plays a pivotable role in special security operations and threat mitigation. John's attention to detail and over-helming passionate cause for public safety mirrors only the highest of standards amongst is command and high-level law enforcement peers in Illinois. 


John is degreed with a Master of Science in Public Safety Administration while attending the Calumet College of St. Joseph, Whiting, IN,  and he has a Bachelor of Science degree as well in Public Safety. John is also a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy from the 238th Session.

John also has the following Certificates in National Law Enforcement training: 



Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Evanston, IL, USA


CERTIFICATE: FBI National Academy 2009

FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA, USA


CERTIFICATE: Police Executive Role in the 21st Century 2009      

Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board


CERTIFICATE: Traffic Crash Reconstruction Specialist 2001

Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Evanston. IL USA




F.B.I. National Academy Associates

International Association of Chief’s of Police



Illinois State Police LEADS Advisor Board (Former Board Member)

F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Executive Board (County Designee)